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About the Shore Acres Improvement Assocation

The Shore Acres Improvement Association serves more than the Shore Acres subdivision as defined in the county land records. The Association also serves Adam's Point, Weatherly, and various parcels and lots accessible through Shore Acres. SAIA is an Improvement Association, not a Home Owners Association, with voluntary participation with no mandatory fees.


Originally subdivided into lots in the 1920s, Shore Acres grew up in stages. The first wave of construction came in the form of summer homes for residents of Baltimore wishing weekends on the water. Increasingly, the community became a home for year-round residents as the post-war move to the suburbs brought successive waves of building that continues today. Consequently, the neighborhood's homes are varied and unique from one another.

This diversity echoes the diversity of the individuals who make up the neighborhood. A thorough mix of people can be found from a variety of backgrounds engaged in a range of different occupations. The mechanic and electrician and the engineer alike reside here with the Harvard-educated lawyer, the physician, and the retired bay waterman. New homeowners from out of state live beside people who have been in Shore Acres for more than seventy years. While some residents may not stay forever, many remain for generations.

The Association

The Shore Acres Improvement Association is a voluntary, membership based, dues and donation supported organization responsible for maintaining community amenities, providing a forum to discuss community issues, interfacing with external organizations, and serving as the liason between the neighborhood and government.


Shore Acres proper is the subdivision of Shore Acres as described in the land records of Anne Arundel County, District 3, Map 33, Block 22, Parcel 37, subdivision 749. Click here to see the official map.

The Shore Acres Improvement Association also serves Adams / Cedar Point, Weatherly and all parcels of land not part of any subdivision but accessible by automobile via Shore Acres. SAIA owns lots 210, 211, and 221, which are open to the public. Lot 210 holds the clubhouse, playground, and basketball court. Lot 211 is the adjacent wooded lot along Magothy Ave. Lot 221 lies behind the clubhouse, currently serving as the parking lot for the club house and trailer parking for residents. The Association also owns the Community Beach at the end of Forest Drive and the shore on the opposite side of the channel. All other property in the neighborhood is privately owned.


Becoming a member of the Shore Acres Imporvement Association membership is the first step you can take to keep our community beautifully maintained. While membership is optional, your dues help fund maintenance projects, the beach, the clubhouse, and community events like our annual holiday and Halloween parties.

To become a member, download the membership form by clicking here, or contact us and one will be sent to you. Once complete, mail the form, along with the associated fees annotated on the form to:

PO Box 12
Arnold, MD, 21012