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Shore Acres Amenities

Announcement Sign

We have an announcement board at the intersection of Shore Acres and Deep Creek. This sign generally shares messages about the community or upcoming events. Members can use the sign under limited circumstances, and with permission only. If you'd like to use the announcement board, contact the board.

The Beach

The beach is available for all residents, property owners and guests of our community to use regardless of membership status. The beach features picnic tables, grills, a volleyball court, chairs, parking, and a kayak / canoe / paddleboard rack. Your space in the kayak rack can be reserved via the membership form.

Beach Rules

  • Beach usage is limited to the Shore Acres community and their guests only.

  • Beach is open from dawn to dusk.

  • All trash must be taken off the premises.

  • Shore Acres community member must accompany all guests at all times.

  • Glass containers are not permitted on the beach.

  • Motorized vehicles are only permitted in the parking lot.
  • The parking lot is for automobiles only. Trailer parking is not permitted.
  • Fires are not permitted outside of the grill.

Boat Ramp

Boat ramp access is available for members of the Shore Acres community who acquire a permit for an additional fee from the SAIA. SAIA members who own property within the Lake Placid Waterway Improvement Tax District and are subject to a dredging surcharge on their property taxes may be issued a boat ramp permit without charge. A permit is required to use the boat ramp. A permit is valid for the property owners and residents of the address associated with the permit only. A permit holder may obtain an additional key at the price of $5.00. Permits expire in May each year. You can obtain a new permit when you submit your membership form. If you need a permit after submitting your membership, please contact for assistance.

Boat Ramp Rules

  • Keys are not to be lent out or shared under any conditions.
  • The boat ramp is to be locked after each use, both when putting the boat into the water, and taking it out.
  • The ramp may not be used for any commercial purposes without express, written approval by SAIA.
  • No trailers are to be parked at the beach, trailers must be returned to your home for the duration of your boating.
  • The parking lot is for automobiles only. Trailer parking is not permitted.
  • Boats may be tied up at the pier only while awaiting the arrival or departure of the trailer.
  • Be courteous of others and obey all traffic laws at all times.
  • The speed limit on the lake and in the boat channel is 6 mph inside the stone jetty.
  • By submitting payment for the boat ramp permit, the resident or property owner agrees to the rules of the boat ramp.
  • Should violations occur, SAIA may revoke the violator's permit and suspend future permit privileges.

Recreation Area

A recreation field and playground are located on the clubhouse grounds. The recreation area at the SAIA clubhouse comprises the basketball court, playground, sand box, benches, picnic tables, and grassy field in between. It is owned and maintained by the Association. The recreation area is available for use by all members of the Shore Acres community and their guests, regardless of membership status. But it is for the exclusive use of the community. Guests must be accompanied by a Shore Acres resident at all times.


The recreation area is open during daylight hours. The basketball court is open until lights out, or 9:30 PM, whichever is earliest. The area behind the clubhouse is not part of the recreation area and is not authorized for public use. Children under the age of 9 must be supervised by someone at least 13 years of age. The Improvement Association reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises for inappropriate or objectionable behavior. The facilities are available on a first-come-first-served basis, except that the Association may pre-empt their use for Association functions, and the Association may pre-empt use of the basketball court or any other sports-related part of the area for scheduled games. Violators of these rules are considered trespassers and may be subject to revocation of access privileges.


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