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Shore Acres Membership


Becoming a member of the Shore Acres Improvement Association membership is the first step you can take to keep our community beautifully maintained. While membership is optional, your dues help fund maintenance projects, the beach, the clubhouse, and community events like our annual holiday and Halloween parties.

Both owners and residents are welcome to join. Membership is purchased by household, which is defined as all those living jointly at the same address and in the same structure.  Eligible members are any resident of the household 18 years or older or (if nonresident property owners) owners of record.  Membership runs May 1 to April 30 and must be renewed to be current.

* That property-owners in Weatherly and Shore Acre Estates have already
paid through their dues to their own homeowners' associations.

To become a member, download the membership form by clicking here, or contact us and one will be sent to you. Once complete, mail the form, along with the associated fees annotated on the form to:

PO Box 12
Arnold, MD, 21012